One-Year Pilot

GovOps’ one-year pilot started with the launch of the CA GreenGov Challenge Portal and a two-day Innovation Challenge held October 24 and 25, 2015. GovOps will expand this portal by working with multiple state departments to add strategic datasets that help departments get a better view of their own operations, as well as support civic engagement events that enhance the value of the data and inform decision-making.


To allow departments and citizens to explore open data and its potential to improve collaboration, analysis and decision-making.


  • To expand the number of state datasets that are shared with the public and with other departments, and that can be combined with other state open datasets, as well as non-government data.
  • To join existing and planned state government open data portals, so that the departments and the public have access to one-stop shopping for open data.
  • To spark innovation and improve government operations through data-driven decision making.
  • To foster collaboration both inside and outside of state government through shared use of open data.
  • To supply data to applications developed by citizen coders that benefit people who live in and visit California.


One-Year Pilot Infographic. Download PDF file to view.